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Scott Lodermeier Earns 3-A SSI Leadership Award

Scott Lodermeier Earns 3-A SSI Leadership Award

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Powder Process-Solutions (PPS) is proud to announce one of our employees, Scott Lodermeier, received the 3-A SSI standards ‘Leadership Service Award’ at the recent 3A Annual Meeting.


The Leadership Service Award is noted as honoring an individual who demonstrates a record of significant contribution to 3-A SSI voluntary standards development and who has demonstrated outstanding service while enabling 3-A SSI to attain its objective.


For example, over the last year, Lodermeier has begun his second year of service on the Board of Directors where he chairs a focus group on recommendations on the future use of virtual methods for CCE inspection of equipment and facilities. He has also continued to chair Work Group 6; managing conveyor and feeder standards, and as vice chair of Work Group 14; managing revision of the general requirement standard. He also serves on other work groups as a voting member.


With his service in 3-A SSI, Lodermeier is on the forefront of sanitary equipment standards that directly affect Powder Process-Solutions and other companies alike.


PPS is proud to have Lodermeier  on the board to understand and influence 3-A Sanitary Standards. Through his continued efforts to serve the dairy industry, he’s able to apply PPS’s experience and knowledge with recommendations for the industry.


Lodermeier has worked for Powder Process-Solutions since 2002, most recently as Component Sales and Project Manager. His experience has facilitated a deep understanding of attention to detail, sanitary requirements, and customization necessary for the dairy industries.