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Food Safety

Food Safety

At Powder Process-Solutions, we understand the stringent sanitary standards required of food processing equipment to protect the health and well-being of consumers. Our creative design group carefully follows industry standards to provide customers with the highest level of hygienic equipment and easy to clean designs that are suitable to process even the most delicate powder.

USDA Dairy Guidelines and 3-A Sanitary Standards

We design, fabricate, and install our systems to meet USDA Dairy Design and Fabrication Guidelines and applicable 3-A Sanitary Standards. These standards prescribe material, design, and fabrication criteria that assure equipment used in food production is able to be easily cleaned to prevent microbe growth and protect food from harmful contaminants.

Our team includes the current chair of the 3-A work group for conveying and feeding equipment. This individual is also a member of the “General Requirements” Working Group. He has over 15 years of industry experience in sanitary design and is intimately involved in drafting and revising powder processing equipment standards. This valuable knowledge allows us to provide systems and components that reflect the most current design standards for hygienic equipment.


Along with food safety, we focus on employee and facility safety.

Our equipment and process design team also includes two system sales engineers who serve on various NFPA Technical Committees. As committee members, our sales engineers are part of a volunteer team working alongside the NFPA, responsible for reviewing and revising existing standards, as well as drafting and implementing new ones.  Our expertise and knowledge of relevant NFPA standards supports our engineers in developing innovative process equipment specifically designed to create the safest work environment possible for you – our customers.

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HACCP International

At PPS, we provide HACCP International certified magnets for food processing.



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