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Bag Dump Station

Bag Dump Station

PPS bag dump stations offer bag dump design for manual introduction of product into the process stream. By customizing the size and specifications to the installation site and product being processed, PPS can ensure a clean, safe and dust-controlled environment.

PPS offers modularly designed bag dumps which promote maximum flexibility and customization to ensure that the correct bag dump station is integrated either into your existing system or is included in a complete system design.

Bag Dump Station
  • Custom design to suit application specifications & guidelines
  • Modular designs providing flexibility
  • Rugged bag shelf and removable grate
  • Baffle to provide downdraft dust movement
  • Nuisance dust control promoting cleanliness
  • Radius corners to promote powder flow & ease of cleaning
  • Ergonomically designed to protect workers from harmful and costly accidents or mistakes
  • Explosion-proof motors and controls
Bag Dump
  • Food grade and USDA Dairy grade models are available
  • Stainless steel or carbon steel construction suited for fine powders and granule type product
  • Single and dual configurations
  • Integral or remote dust collection with cartridges or filter bags
  • Pallet lift tables
  • Magnetic bar grate
  • High capacity sifting or scalping
  • Discharge devices
  • Vibration, fluidization, impacting
  • Bag compaction and waste conveying systems
  • Available in special construction materials, coatings and finishes
  • BFM fitting snap-in flexible sleeve below bag dump
  • Removable bag shelf
  • Removable bag grate and mesh
Bag Dump

Sanitary bag dump stations are our specialty. Our bag dump stations are designed with minimal flat surfaces and raised openings to ensure the cleanest operation possible. PPS bag dumps are available in many design options including side-by-side, adjacent, opposite, and independent.

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