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Filter Receivers

Filter Receivers

Filter receivers are necessary to contain and separate material dust generated by pneumatic pressure or vacuum bulk powder conveying systems.

PPS vacuum filter receivers have a solid design with quick release components and cartridges that provide optimum powder/air filtration with low energy consumption, long filter life, and high efficiency while allowing the maximum material and air separation capabilities.

Properly designed and executed air filtration is extremely important to any successfully engineered bulk powder handling system. Plant sanitation, safety, and efficiency require design knowledge and expertise to calculate the best filtration solution. Proper filtration contributes to the continued success of a system while reducing maintenance, costs, and equipment downtime.

PPS offers heavy duty construction and top-of-the-line filters with a wide variety of custom sizes and configurations available to fit your application specifications. Equipment construction is available from basic painted carbon steel to stainless steel construction, conforming to hygienic sanitation standards when required. Applications are analyzed and designed for NFPA requirements.

Filter Receiver header
  • Stainless and carbon steel construction
  • Pressure or vacuum rated (+/- 17″ HG)
  • Top and bottom filter removal designs
  • Reverse pulse jet filter cleaning
  • Solid state timer board in a NEMA 4 enclosure
  • High efficiency filter bags and cartridges
  • Modular designs, include clean air plenum, dirty air plenum and hopper
Filter Receiver 1
Options Include
  • Exhaust fans
  • Tangential inlet and baffle configurations
  • Internal support grids
  • Pulse-on-Demand filter cleaning
  • Explosion venting and suppression
  • Support legs and platforms

A selection of coatings and finishes are available, including sanitary designs that meet USDA dairy sanitary standards.

Our filtration product line includes bin ventsfilter receiversdust collectors, and cyclones with customization options offered to fit your plant requirements.

Filter Receiver 3

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