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Inline Magnets for Liquids

Inline Magnets for Liquid

Liquid Pressure Pipeline Magnetic Separator

The MAGNATTACK™ liquid pressure pipeline system features double or single RE80™ +11,000 gauss magnet elements. These magnets are designed to intercept the flow of liquid product lines, then extract and retain foreign magnetic fragments such as work-hardened stainless steel and stone particles, fine wear fragments, and rust.
The liquid pressure pipeline separator is safe, efficient, hygienic, and easy to clean.

liquid magnet magnattack

The system consists of a special pressure vessel housing design that is hydrostatic pressure tested to 400 PSI. A certificate is provided with every supply.

Inline probe style models are available for 1”-6” pipelines. The powerful magnets intercept the flow of product providing 11,000+ gauss protection.

Design Features
  • Efficient magnetic separation for food safety without leaks, blockage, or distortion
  • Suits products with lumps to approximately 0.4”
  • Can be used in pressure or vacuum lines
  • Jacketing where specified
MAGNATTACK Liquid Pressure Pipeline

Magnet Filter Combo

The MAGNATTACK™ RE80™HT magnet filter ombo (MFC) provides a unique solution which attracts and retains fine microscopic metal contamination that escapes filters. The system is designed to complement foreign body control and provides an excellent measure for identification and analysis of collected metal contaminants.

The MFC design combines 316SS fine filtering systems and a high-temperature resistant RE80™HT magnet element which intercepts the flow of the product with minimal resistance and, at the same time, provides maximum product-to-magnet contact.

Design Features
  • Low maintenance & easy installation
  • Extraction of magnetic fragments, work hardened stainless steel and stone particles in viscous and non-viscous liquid food products
  • Suitable for 1” to 4” pipelines
  • Product and CIP cleaning temperatures to 302°F/150°C
MAGNATTACK Magnet Filter Combo
MAGNATTACK Magnet Filter Combo

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