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Spare Parts

Spare Parts

Spare parts are a vital element to any system or component, and essential to maintaining long term performance & efficiency of a Powder Process-Solution system. PPS understands the importance and need for fast, knowledgeable, and reliable service when ordering parts. Our inside sales staff will assist you in ordering the correct replacement parts, accessories, and maintenance items for your system.

Powder Process-Solutions stocks a wide assortment of the most commonly used spare parts in-house to provide quick turnaround time when ordering. Spare parts that are not part of our normal inventory can easily be ordered for immediate delivery.

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To assist in the ongoing success of system and component performance, all of our completed projects include spare parts lists with the following information:
  • Major component name and item number
  • Part numbers and descriptions
  • Vendor information
  • Estimated cost
  • Recommended quantity (start-up and 1 year)
  • Typical lead time

This list not only facilitates the ordering process, but also assists in maintenance planning and budget forecasts.

Even though spare parts may seem to be an extra expense, the cost is minuscule compared to lost time and wages waiting for parts.


Spare Parts

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