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System Performance Audits

System Performance Audit

Your powder processing system met performance requirements for years, but now it is not keeping up. What happened? PPS provides efficient and effective system performance audits to evaluate the health and integrity of your processing system.

Periodic system performance audits are independent, objective, and reliable, and they provide actionable information designed to assist our customers in the evaluation of maintenance requirements and operation processes. System performance audits ensure that your PPS system remains in good working order, while also providing a good opportunity to train new operators and maintenance personnel.

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Common issues include:
  • Equipment wears out
  • Trained personnel move on
  • The system has been expanded
  • The PLC program has been changed
  • Maintenance is over-worked

Through measurement and equipment analysis, and comparison with commissioning documentation, our technician will gain insight into the current speed, accuracy, and efficiency of the system. PPS provides a detailed report of our observations, analyses, and conclusions to make recommendations for the continued success of your powder processing system.

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