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Dust Collectors

Dust Collectors

Custom dust collection systems by Powder Process-Solutions are specifically designed to achieve and maintain high levels of sanitation while enhancing air quality and safely meeting the needs of your unique processing specifications. By safely and efficiently capturing, conveying, collecting, and discharging combustible dust, contaminated air and explosion hazards are significantly reduced.

Our dust collection equipment is expertly designed with enhanced equipment features and options to achieve optimum filtration efficiency while maintaining low energy consumption and long bag or filter life. Top- and bottom-load designs are also available and are specifically designed for either high efficiency filter bags or filter cartridges.

Filter and receiver equipment
  • Stainless and carbon steel construction
  • Coating & finish options
  • Sanitary designs, such as USDA & Dairy
  • Pressure or vacuum rated (+/- 17” WC)
  • Removable top and bottom filter design
  • Reverse pulse jet filter cleaning
  • NEMA 4 enclosed solid state timer board
  • High efficiency filter bags or cartridges
  • Modular designs including clean and contaminated air plenums as well as modularly designed hoppers
portable dust collector
Options Include
  • Exhaust fans
  • Tangential inlet and outlet baffle configurations
  • Internal support grids
  • Pulse-on-Demand filter cleaning
  • Explosion venting and suppression
  • Support legs and platform
dust collector equipment

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