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BFM fittings on Bin Activators

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BFM fittings on Bin Activators

BFM fittings can be used in many locations throughout a processing system, especially on bulk storage devices (specifically bin activators).  Bin activators, which are vibrating cones suspended beneath silos and hoppers, assist in the discharge of bulk materials. Installing bin activators ensures optimum discharge of powdery or granular materials in the food, dairy, and infant formula processing industries.

A challenge we often see in processing facilities is traditional connecting socks and steel clamps as the connectors. This often causes excessive dust leakage and product build up, causing major hygiene issues.

In an effort to create a sealed system, installation of a BFM fitting between the bin activator and downstream equipment can be installed. BFM fittings ensure improved material flow and a more secure, dust-free, explosion-resistant connection. Its smooth, crevice-free interior doesn’t trap powders like conventional sleeves, so there’s nothing to impede material flow.

BFM fittings on Bin Activators          Large Silo BFM fittings Bin Activator

Once installed, it can be removed quickly and easily by hand, without tools. A wide variety of sleeve materials, diameters, and lengths are available for use on bin activators.

On bin activator installations, we recommend a short gap for a Seeflex 040E to be able to properly handle head pressure. The Seeflex 060ES material is also an option for additional reinforcement, which can handle 1 bar of operating pressure.

If you have equipment that could benefit from BFM fittings, please fill out your information below and we will connect with you within one (1) business day.