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MAG-RAM™ Wins Dairy Innovation Award at Process Expo 2017

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MAG-RAM™ Wins Dairy Innovation Award at Process Expo 2017

There were nine initial submissions to the Innovations Showcase, and shortly before the show it was announced that PSI was one of three finalists. To compete at the show, each of the finalists presented to a panel of food processing professionals a 3-minute overview of the innovation highlights of their product. Attendees were invited to attend the rapid-fire presentations to learn more about the product offerings & design highlights, as well. The panel selected one winner from each of the seven categories including innovation in bakery, beverage, confectionery, dairy, meat, pet foods and prepared foods.

MAG-RAM™ in Competition

PSI was pleased to have Marv Deam, owner and CEO, present in both the rapid-fire competition round and the 20-minute presentation. “Three minutes was not a lot of time, but it was enough time to clearly state how beneficial the MAGNATTACK™ MAG-RAM™ self-cleaning magnet can be to any dairy powder processing system,” said Deam.

The MAGNATTACK™ MAG-RAM™ self-cleaning magnet meets USDA sanitary standards, which sets it apart from other magnetic separators in the food and dairy industry today.

On winning the award, Deam said, “We couldn’t be more pleased to have won the innovation award in dairy. We work primarily with dairy powders within our sister company, Powder Process-Solutions, so we ourselves integrate these magnets into our systems to have the highest level of sanitation. “

“Additionally, the MAG-RAM™ is an automated magnetic separator. This is hugely beneficial for a couple reasons. Cleaning can be taken on a set schedule automatically without the need for maintenance interaction. Processing can still continue while cleaning is taking place allowing for less downtime. And there is no handling of potentially dangerous magnets for maintenance staff. All-around, it’s just a better option for magnetic separation,” stated Deam.

Process Expo 2017

PSI housed the MAG-RAM™ in their booth at the show, and were pleased to be able to show attendees and panelist from the presentation the winning design in action.


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Powder-Solutions, Inc. aims to provide innovative components for the powder processing industry. PSI is a leading distributor of the BFM® fitting, specifically designed to replace the standard sleeve and hose clamp assembly found in the bulk powder processing industry, and the MAGNATTACK™ line of sanitary & easy-clean magnetic separators. By working closely with companies in the food, dairy, nutritional, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries, PSI continues to develop and refine strategies to assist these companies in addressing sanitation and safety concerns by designing and managing plant processes to run efficiently and profitably. For more information on Powder-Solutions, Inc. the revolutionary BFM® fitting, or the MAGNATTACK™ line of magnetic separators, visit www.powder-solutions.com.