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How to Break the Seemingly Endless Cycle of Powder Processing System Repairs

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How to Break the Seemingly Endless Cycle of Powder Processing System Repairs

Dear Powder Doctor,

We’re in a never ending spiral of replacement and repair for our powder processing system. How do we get ahead of this cycle?

Pierre Cycles


Dear R. Pierre,

The speed and reliability with which your powder processing system works is essential to every part of your business. So when you’re caught in a seemingly endless cycle of repairs, it can be frustrating. The good news is that you can break that cycle. And here are the steps to do just that:

1. Look at the system’s original commissioning report.

When a powder processing system is first installed, it’s put through commissioning testing to document the exact settings and controls needed to function at top efficiency. Use this documentation to compare current settings and performance with the original, and make any needed adjustments. This will ensure that your system is operating at its best and could curb the need to make frequent adjustments or repairs.

2. Analyze each component within the system.

Perform a systematic walk-through of how the system processes material from start to finish. Literally go through each component step-by-step to make sure that clearances are correct, settings are correct, and there aren’t any leaks in pipes or components such as O-rings or seals. This will allow you to address all issues at once and reduce the frequency of repairs.

3. Establish baseline performance standards.

If you don’t have the original commissioning documentation, contact your original provider. If they’re unwilling to help, Powder Process-Solutions can certainly help by establishing baseline performance standards. Technicians will run through the entire system to compile installation qualifications (IQ), operational qualifications (OQ) and performance qualifications (PQ) data. This will give you the processing information you need to ensure your powder processing system is running at its best.

4. Schedule a system performance audit.

If your maintenance team is over-worked, consider scheduling a system performance audit through an experienced service provider. System performance audits evaluate the maintenance requirements and operational processes of a powder system. Through measurement and equipment analysis, and comparison with commissioning documentation, technicians will provide a detailed report of observations, analyses and conclusions to make recommendations.


The Powder Doctor